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Silver Solid as a Rock Bracelet

Silver Solid as a Rock Bracelet

This delicately crafted, beautifully sparkly Silver Solid as a Rock Bracelet is made to help raise awareness for global warming.

The bracelet is handmade from forty individual pieces of Sterling silver, including nine little rocks each individually sawn, hand-textured, filed and sanded, with two tiny jump rings soldered on. Once assembled - making sure that each rock is evenly spaced - and polished, the jump rings are welded closed and the bracelet given a final check before it's burnished to a sparkly finish.

Each little rock measures approximately 4x4mm and the bracelet comes in a choice of lengths. Please select your required length from the dropdown menu below.

Between 1 May until 31 July, 10% of each Solid as a Rock piece sold will be donated to Cool Earth via Work for Good to help support the valuable work they do to help save the rainforest, see: Every little bit goes a long way towards making a big difference!

So what is the story behind the collection? One day, on one of my many walks through the Herefordshire countryside I came across a beautiful rock formation. Whilst studying its texture it dawned on me that rock might be the only thing left if global warming were allowed to play out and what had initially appeared simply beautiful suddenly became very meaningful. It had a message I couldn’t ignore. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make some pieces to help convey this message and help support our environment.

The bracelet comes ready to give in a grey recycled-card bracelet box and will be carefully packaged to ensure that it is not damaged in transit.

Please allow up to two weeks for me to complete your order.


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