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Ethics and FAQs


Environmental Concerns

None of the resins I use contain any solvents or other volatile substances that cause environmental damage.

Packaging and Materials

Whilst at primary school in the seventies, I was involved in an anti-littering project in Germany, and a tree-saving and planting project in the Netherlands. I have been passionate about the environment ever since, doing what I can on a personal front and approaching my business in the same way.

All my packaging is therefore recycled, reclyclable, reusable or compostable. I also re-use postal boxes and envelopes when available.

All gold used in my pieces is 100% recycled and I use 100% recycled silver where possible. Luckily, the jewellery trade is becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious with 100% recycled bullion and findings becoming more readily available as a result.

All gemstones are ethically sourced from reputable suppiers. No gemstones purchased since the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine originate from Russia.

Care Instructions

Silver will naturally tarnish when exposed to sunlight, so storing in the packaging provided will help minimise the amount of care needed.

To clean your jewellery, polish the silver with a soft silver polishing cloth, then gently clean the resin with a drop of baby shampoo on a slightly wetted soft cotton cloth. Rinse in lukewarm water and dry with a soft tissue. Do not use detergent.

If you haven't worn your jewellery for a while, it might need some extra attention, in which case gently clean with a drop of environmentally-friendly Ecover Cream Cleaner ( on a slightly wetted soft cotton cloth (or use silver polish followed by a drop of baby shampoo). Then rinse in lukewarm water and dry with a soft tissue.

Do not use any other detergents or cream cleaners as they may discolour or scratch the silver.

Resin is a durable material, but like pearls, it needs the right care and attention to keep looking good. It is best removed when applying skin care products, makeup, perfume and hairspray, and when showering or swimming. Do not store in direct sunlight, avoid contact with harsh chemicals, alcohol-based products, nail-varnish remover and other solvents, and keep away from heat.


If you like my designs, but are looking for something slightly different, I am happy to design a unique piece of jewellery specially for you in line with my style of work. All my designs are copyright of Wilde Works.


Wilde Works Sterling silver and resin jewellery can be made to order in any colour or to match any swatch. Please contact me for details.

Ring Size

Please note that the wider the ring, the bigger the ring size you will need. The width of ring shanks will always be given in the item description.


All finishes wear over time; highly-polished metals become matt, etc. I believe this adds to the character of a piece and makes it more individual. However, any item can be refinished if required. Please contact me for details and costs.