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Oxidised Solid as a Rock Ring Reserved for Abi

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Oxidised Solid as a Rock Ring Reserved for Abi

One-of-a-kind oxidised silver Solid as a Rock men's ring reserved for Abi.

This ring was made to help raise awareness for climate change. Between 1 May and 31 July, 10% of all Solid as a Rock sales will be donated to Cool Earth ( via Work for Good to help support the valuable work they do.

So what is the story behind the collection? One day, on one of my many walks through the Herefordshire countryside I came across a beautiful rock formation. Whilst studying its texture it dawned on me that rock might be the only thing left if global warming were allowed to play out and what had initially appeared simply beautiful suddenly became very meaningful, inviting me to use my skills to capture and pass on its message in silver and gold to help support our planet.

The ring measures approximately 6mm wide and is a comfortable UK size V 1/2. The texture was oxidised and pumiced back several times until the colour of the silver turned a soft grey contrasted against darker grey recessed areas. Over time the ring will take on a unique patina of its own, adding to the character of the piece.

The ring will be shipped in a grey recycled-card gift box and carefully packaged to ensure that it is not damaged in transit.