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Large Silver Circle Pendant in Autumn Foliage

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Large Silver Circle Pendant in Autumn Foliage

This Large Rings of Saturn Pendant was inspired by the Cassini-Huygens space-research mission to Saturn. The mission was a collaboration between NASA and the European and Italian Space Agencies set up to study Saturn's system, rings and satellites. I love what humankind is capable of when minds work together across borders, not just what it can achieve, but the beauty of its technological creations designed to achieve it. They are almost as awesome as the planets themselves. For more information on this beautiful planet, see:

The pendant measures 32mm in diameter and comes on a flexible nylon necklet with a Sterling silver bayonet clasp in a colour that harmonises beautifully with the pendant.

Each pendant is handmade in Sterling silver and resin. The contrasting inner resin ring is cast inside the silver ring, then sanded and polished to a silky finish.

I hand-mix all my resins to beautiful unique colours. The colour in the pendant pictured is Autumn Foliage. Prefer a different colour? Simply contact me with a colour you have in mind!

The pendant will be gift-wrapped and carefully packaged to ensure that it is not damaged in transit.


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